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“Grain” is an exploration of the landscapes created by shifting sands. Sculpted through the power of tides and wind these environments are always changing. The perpetual motion of the dunes is captured by the still image as a unique moment in time, impossible to replicate. The images of ‘Grain’ were shot over north and south Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay in Queensland and Stockton Beach in New South Wales. Both landscapes provided the perfect, constantly evolving canvas to explore these themes. Utilising photographic techniques historically used for reconnaissance and cartography, organic patterns and anthropomorphic forms are revealed within the landscape. There is a sensuality revealed in the shapes of the landscape, feminine and masculine forms are seductively exposed within the play of light and shadow. 


Images are hand printed on warm tone fibre based paper at 2 sizes 100 x 80cm and 35 x 28cm, limited to editions of 5. Murals printed by Chris Reid from Blanco Negro in Sydney, small prints by me.

Read an introduction to the work by legendary Australian photographer and critic Robert MacFarlane  

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