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About me

I am an Australian photographer predominantly interested in landscapes. In 2004 after graduating from CIT with a BA Design (Photography), I moved to Sydney to establish a commercial photographic practice shooting architecture and exhibit my landscape work. I remained there until 2012 when my wife and I decided to relocate back to Canberra to raise our children closer to family. In 2014 I called it a day on my commercial practice when I was offered a full time job at one of the cultural institutions in Canberra. I now no longer take commercial commissions and focus solely on personal projects.

From 2004 to 2012, my obsession with the landscape was explored entirely from above. I loved the way (and still do) landscapes were transformed from thousands of feet in the air and the way the early morning light seductively sculpts the land. Apart from my first exhibition Watermark in 2006, I have used traditional photographic techniques to make these explorations. I love not only the aesthetics of a fine silver gelatin print but also the history surrounding the process.


Since moving to Canberra the focus of my work has shifted toward land based work. My most recent body of work 'Move up to the views' is an exploration of the lands in the northern areas of Canberra that are being cleared and developed into new suburbs. This is an ongoing project for me.

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