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Welcome to my new site

Hello to any one reading out there. With the launch of my new site I thought that I might take the opportunity to start a new blog. On the last website I managed one post in three years so my goal for now is to beat that. I don't really know what I'll share at this point, hopefully something will come to me. I have some works in the planning stage but it's way too early to talk about that.

Until I think of something I thought I would share this image which inspired the title of my last exhibition Move up to the views. The photograph didn't make the final cut, but I had been using the title as a working title since I began the project so by then it had well and truely stuck.

I like this image because the rubble in the background mimics the shapes of the hills in 'The views' advertisement. There's a bit of humour there thinking about the advertising campaigns the real estate agents use to sell us the Australian dream. These were everywhere and at one point the main thing I was photographing. I think the main reason this image didn't make the cut was because it was too similar to the "full of possibility' one that I liked better and was in fact one of my favourite images (see below). Thats kind of like saying you have a favourite child though and we all know you can't say that. Don't tell my other pictures. Until next time


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